Sunday, October 4, 2009

Treasures and Treasuries

Etsy Treasuries are a collection of things that blend because of color, type, style, textures, etc. that someone selects from many shops to showcase together as a “treasury“.

CritterConnection had an item picked recently for “Treasury West” which was in a “Rocky Mountain High” theme. My thanks to Sue at for including our log cabin in this treasury.

This log cabin was made in the 1940's for Lincoln National Life Insurance Co., and given to their employees. It is an exact replica of the log cabin Abraham Lincoln grew up in in Illinois. It is made all of wood, small logs with a split shake roof.

This has been a great teaching tool, and has been to many "show & tells" in the past 60 years. It is still in excellent condition. The cabin is 7 inches long by 4 1/2 inches wide, and 6 inches high. The attached shed is 2x2 1/2 inches.

Now this piece of Americana history is ready to be repurposed-- in a Christmas scene? as a Halloween or Thanksgiving prop? (place a light inside for a nice warm glow) Or maybe it could again be a teaching tool? Or just maybe- - this is the perfect gift for the miniature collector who values history and well made things?

Look for this interesting item at CritterConnection plus much much more of vintage and handmade jewelry, figurines, and critter supplies.

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