Monday, September 21, 2009

Butterfly Sense

“Just living is not enough” said the butterfly. “One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower” - - - - (Hans Christian Anderson)

It’s easy to stick your nose to the grindstone, day in and day out, and there is some sense of achievement in that maybe , or maybe all you have at the end of your week is a “ground down nose”.

Looking up and appreciating the day is important. Worrying about what comes next, Will you have a job? Will the mortgage get paid? Will I ever find happiness? is counterproductive. If you can’t plan ahead to achieve an outcome, if it is out of your control - - breathe out and look around you. This minute will never come again, so for this moment find something to focus on that brings a smile to your lips and lightens your step just a little.

We are responsible for our thoughts and our direction. Intentional sunshine, (or positive thought), is the key to our well being. It’s been demonstrated in many case studies, that staying positive (looking up instead of down), even something as simple as smiling, effects our entire being, even to the effect it has on our immune systems.

Freedom, or free will, is the key. We have the freedom to cultivate friendships, to let those we love know we appreciate them. We are free to pursue special interests - - get out of the rut and try something new! We are free to change our perspective.

Begin the day with a mantra like “Life is good. This day is mine.
I will walk in beauty through my day. I will be kind. Today I will find five things that are good, enjoyable, or beautiful. I am grateful for this new day.”

Don’t forget our butterfly said we also need a little flower. Like the butterfly, we need to seek our flower, it doesn’t come to us. Sustenance, joy, and beauty all have to be sought out - - but first we must look up with our eyes and our hearts!

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