Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Everything Old is New Again

My partner and I were kicking a few ideas around about the direction we’d like to see our Etsy shops heading today. (The shops already contain collectibles from around the world, and wonderful ethnic items we’ve picked up along the way).

It’s nice listing items that have been stored away for years, kind of like revisiting old friends. It’s a great feeling when someone sees something in the shops that they like, and places an order. Sending these items on their way to a new home to be enjoyed anew creates an almost a pay it forward feeling!

Jewelry design has always been one of my passions, and many of our items reflect handmade creations of my design.

However, one of our early loves was creating for, and participating in, Native American pow wows in California and Texas. So as we were ruminating about direction - - we decided to make a line of smudging fans. (Smudging is used in many ethnicities and spiritual ceremonies as part of the act of cleansing the energy of a specific space, or even the energy surrounding an individual.)

So, one of our new (everything old is new again) directions is to add a line of these leather and feather fans to our CrystalCreek Etsy shop.

I guess it’s a good thing winter is coming - - a great time to get creative with some of the crafts we love!


  1. Great idea! While your busy working on all those unique leather and feather fans you will need to have wonderful tasty Soups N Stuff.
    Check out my new Etsy Store at and Enjoy!
    "The CooK"

  2. wow! thanks, you have some great finds in your shop. i love those neapalese birds