Saturday, October 17, 2009

Creativity Celebrated

It is always nice to be recognized by one’s peers, and this past week we had another Etsy Treasury find us. This one is especially special because it is of one of my partner’s creative photographs that was found and added to this
“Herd of Dachshunds” treasury made by (If you get a chance to check out her site. It abounds with some of the greatest refrigerator magnets ever - - they are both decorative and show wonderful imagination!)

Any of you that have ever held a camera understand that creativity in photography is a real art, and all the photos on our Etsy sites (product shots), plus banners, plus the beautiful art note cards and nature photographs are all “Images by Victoria”. I am often blown away with the beauty of her macro flower shots, and the whimsical critter shots she comes up with. Recently she took a great art shot of the October full moon, which we’ve added to our photo offerings at

We’ve had some kind of serious down time with medical issues over the past several weeks, so this treasury came at a really good time for us. Sometime when life hands you some downtime, uncertainty, and frustration- - it’s important to remember the good stuff. We’re working at surrounding our days with sunshine, flowers, and all the beauty nature’s bounty holds.

And hey, if you get a chance check out our shops, they’re an easy mouse click from this blog page, and a little “ka ching” is good stuff too!

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write a feature on our shop! We really appreciate it, especially when you've been involved in "real life" issues, as I like to call them. We wish for lots of sunshine and flowers for you, and also some of that "ka-ching"! Donna and John