Monday, July 6, 2009

Healing and Happiness

Kindness is catching! Don’t you feel better when you’ve had a pleasant exchange with someone? Even a brief exchange or act of kindness gives us a “warm fuzzy” feeling.

The benefits to those around us when we act from a more generous spirit are many-fold, but the benefits to ourselves is great too. Even if you don’t really “feel like it”, making an effort daily to be more optimistic brings with it a real positive influence in your feeling of self and overall health.

Nice doesn’t mean being icky sweet or fake, but that you consider others and treat those you meet with kindness, consideration, and respect. It’s been proven in studies that wishing others well and sending positive thoughts their way actually can reduce pain and inflammation of chronic conditions within ourselves !

Meditation, and letting go of angers and resentments and replacing these with forgiveness, love and compassion also go a long way to help reduce pain. Integrative medicine is proving forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts that we can give ourselves.

Every time we replay a moment in our lives filled with regret or resentments we’re “stuck” in our basest element, and we bring all the toxins from that event flooding back into our bodies as we relive it again. For better health we need to be in our higher consciousness where we can choose to cultivate forgiveness, love and compassion.

Start simply and focus your attention on today, what’s happening in life right now - - and leave behind yesterday’s baggage. Being truly present in the now doesn’t leave any room for resentment and old anger.

As we forgive others, we have to remember to forgive ourselves. Who knows, if that chronic back pain lessens, or you experience other improvements in pain or depression, -- what do you have to lose?


  1. It is so true that our own positive actions essentially benefit all.
    Due to the lulls in our business environment many of my associates are acting as lost sheep.
    Daily listening and dwelling on various negative media talk etc.
    They go through the day in an extremely down and listless mood, reflecting to all they meet.
    On can perceive at a distance the heaviness in their posture and downcast eyes.
    I try to make an extra effort to greet them with a smile in my eyes, and an optimistic attitude voiced with goodwill from the heart.
    It is amazing, such transformation, the posture change and facial expression lighten up.
    They smile with enthusiasm and feel good if only for awhile ,or perhaps they will pass it on to another, and they on to another.
    A little kindness, a caring smile, cost so little and has GREAT VALUE!
    Thank you for your kind and loving shared thoughts ,they go a long way!

  2. I try to live in the now, sometimes it is harder than others, but if I take a moment to think about it I will get out of my own way & rise up to my higher self. It is something I think we all learn on a daily basis !!
    I remember a saying the Dalai Lama said " Out of my experience, I tell my friends wherever I go about the importance of Love and Compassion. Deep down we must have real affection for each other, a clear realization or recognition of our shared human status" & this has always resonated with me !! Thank You for reminding me once again.l