Monday, June 29, 2009

Follow the Hummingbirds

Are you tired all day? Stressed out by your cash not matching your bills? Got too many “irons in the fire” so that you always feel you’re playing catch-up with your tasks at hand? Boss on your back? Spouse grouchy, kids need a time-out?

If you feel like this describes you, and you wake up “facing” the day instead
of “seizing” the day, let me share an anecdote from my early morning hours
with you.

When I opened the curtains this morning two tiny jeweled hummingbirds greeted me (or rather the sight of them did). I watched entranced as these two little birds squared off in what was obviously a territorial dual. It started like a dance, first taking the measure of each other, and then the most awesome aerial acrobatics!

For a good ten minutes they soared and swooped, stopping every now and again for a quick energy sip from a flower or one of the many sugar feeders hung out for them. As I watched them in what could have been a duel to the death, I realized they had made it a game of tag instead of a battle. What once was a duel became sport.

In pondering these little birds I thought about their lives in Texas (at 100+ degrees in the summer) and the challenging stresses they must have with our unpredictable weather patterns and continuous need for energy rich food sources, mating and the territorial drive built into their DNA. How did they change a battle into a game?

Maybe taking ego out of the equation, and being surrounded by beauty (after all, their search for food is among the blossoms in our prettiest gardens) they instinctively know that play is more fun than a duel, and that tomorrow will bring it’s own challenges - - but soaring in the sunshine and playing among the flowers today - - is O.K. for today.

Take a page from the hummingbird’s playbook. If today is all we have for sure, this very moment, isn’t it a shame to waste it stressing out? Look for your inner hummingbird, look for the beauty that is around you, be glad you’re alive and celebrate today - - share of yourself with others - - for today!


  1. Amazing! Thank you for sharing and capturing the awe inspiring picture with such lovely thoughts.
    And so it is!

  2. I love your blog! I think that hummingbirds hold a special magic of their own, I always light up when I see one in my gardens ! If their drink is running low they come to the window to get my attention & I know what she is tying to say telepathically. I think learning to listen with our intuition I.E.... heart we can be very happy & peaceful with all of our experiences! Thank you for sharing !!!

  3. My inner hummingbird says thank you for sharing. You've made a good day even better.