Sunday, June 21, 2009

Communication or "a lick on the nose solves everything"!


How many of us keep connected with friends and those we love through our wonderful new array of gadgetry that gives us all the benefits of Facebook updating, link-sharing, “tweeting”, etcetera. Does all this new “keeping in touch” really create a bond with our fellow texters? Or after hours of chatting online, do you quit - - and then feel an emptiness, or on some level a feeling of disconnect?

There is no real replacement for true human connection and communication.

Breaking down the word “communicate”, you find the root is “communion”, which translates to: “the act of sharing,a having in common,
participation, fellowship,
a close personal, even spiritual, relationship”.

When we become only “communicators” i.e. just passing along and transmitting information, we leave out the “communion” or exchange of thoughts and ideas that enrich our spirits. Imparting random facts and information doesn’t necessarily bring understanding. Reading random posts on a page isn’t the same as listening to someone talk about what’s going on in their lives.

Keeping in touch with a one-liner, or 140 characters, or even an e-card, isn’t the same as direct contact with those we really care about. The thought is nice (although is it really thoughtful if you hit a button and “send to friends” and maybe 30 or more people are receiving your same communiqué, or is it a touch lazy and even narcissistic?)

As a new week begins, let’s think about those we really care about and make an attempt to have a real exchange of thoughts and ideas. (This can be an unhurried phone call, writing an in depth one on one letter, or planning some fun “face time”) I’ll bet if we do, the feeling of “disconnect” will be replaced by a shared warmth created by the bond of truly communicating!

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  1. As an individual and a Real Estate Broker, I appreciate your wonderfully insightful blog.
    While the use of high technology tools for accessing information and data is of great importance for serving our clients with the latest available inventories and pertinent information, one may overlook, loose sight of the need of personal direct communication.
    After all , we are in a people business, and direct contact is not only essential but commands it. Daily as a real estate broker I am in constant receipt, and deleting promotional mass e-mailings from professionals serving this industry.
    Seldom do I receive a follow up direct phone call from any.

    During active transactions I personally keep in direct touch via phone calls with my clients , providing them the opportunity to express their concerns and expectations. Often possible ensuing problems are addressed in a timely manner.

    In my personal area, I attempt to communicate with my family and friends as often as possible. Although some reside across the country , we talk daily.
    We need to make an effort to remember the shut-ins with visits or phone calls and personal notes. .
    Keeping in personal touch is so important and too often forgotten.
    Again I thank you and will share your blog with others