Friday, July 17, 2009

The Colors of Life

This is a time of parched land and spent vegetation. (I live in Texas, and we are in a drought - - and it’s been over 100 degrees for what seems like forever!) The upside to all this is how much I appreciate every glimpse of color from the gardens that are trying to survive, putting up blossoms so that the bees and the butterflies are nurtured for another day.

The bright colors against an increasingly browned out landscape make me again realize how important colors are in our everyday existence, for color not only delights the eye, but nurtures the soul !

When I had a “brick and mortar” store, which was mainly filled with antiques and collectibles, I also had a section of my store devoted to crystals and natural gemstones and colors. Often people were drawn to this side of the store, maybe feeling the calming energy I had tried to create with stones and colors.

Because metaphysical philosophies and the study of crystals have been an interest of mine for decades, I always enjoyed talking with customers about colors and crystals. Often a customer would be attracted to a certain color of stone, and after talking with them for a while it would become apparent that they were seeking balance in their lives that corresponded to the color “assigned” to the particular chakra where they were feeling stresses or lack of balance in their daily life. (Like the 7 cosmic colors - which is white light broken into the spectrum of red, yellow, orange, green blue, indigo, violet/white, there are 7 chakras that are our subtle energy centers that correspond with our 7 levels of consciousness.)

Simplified, this means a strong attraction for yellow (which is the 3rd, or Solar Plexus Chakra) could indicate that an individual is struggling with their purpose or ambition, and needs to be more emotionally grounded. This individual may find a citrine, or golden topaz, Amber, or Tiger Eye, synergistic - - and find the stone’s energy connecting with theirs to bring balance to a decision they might be wrestling with. (All other colors corresponding to other chakras and meanings).

I now have two Etsy online shops, and though I can’t talk directly to my customers, I am still trying through use of colors, item descriptions, and great “product shots”, to assist people in finding items and crystals that will add pleasure and maybe even balance in their lives.
Find us as &
All the items in our shops are chosen and placed online with “light and love”, because I truly believe good intentions and good energies “can’t hurt” !

And now I’m going to brave the heat and go out to water the flowers and tell them how much I appreciate their colors and beauty !

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